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WELCOME!  You have taken the first step toward improving the performance and reliability of your Cessna turbocharged exhaust system components. HWS will provide you with the highest quality repairs and the best FAA-PMA Approved replacement parts available in the aviation marketplace.If you are looking for a first time, or alternative exhaust source for these types of aircraft, or a better exhaust source for your repairs and replacement parts, search no more! HWS is your number one source for exhaust system components for:

* CESSNA T310                                       * CESSNA 320 SERIES
* CESSNA 335                                          * CESSNA 340 SERIES
* CESSNA 401 AND 402 SERIES          * CESSNA 404
* CESSNA 411 AND 421                         * CESSNA 421C
* CESSNA P21ON,R                                * CESSNA TR182


Our company was started in 1962 by Roy Fisher. Roy, a longtime corporate pilot and master mechanic, established the first heliarc shop at Continnental Airlines in Denver in 1946. He realized a need for being able to weld repair aircraft accessories since no formal service existed. Always looking for ways to improve or better what had been manufactured and often broken down, especially exhaust parts on aircraft., HWS received STC and FAA-PMA approvals for the modification on early Cessna turbo-system exhaust stacks in 1966 and 1967. Since that time, HWS has continued with the philosophy of improvement not only in design function but also quality standards of finished products.Our considerable experience and insight on these exhaust systems is to and for your benefit. This will give you the assurance that the parts you receive from us will porovide you with installation conformity that is needed as well as the reliable service you desire. What can we do to help you? Please visit the accompaning pages.


Repaired items and some new replacement components are warranted for up to 5 years of unlimited service.